Grow Your Business with Dandy Products

When you join Dandy’s large distribution network, you have the Dandy name and our entire team behind you — and a lot of business opportunities in front of you. Why Distribute Dandy Products:

High Credibility

Dandy is a top U.S. producer of sediment control and filter protection products. We are known for the exceptional quality and reliability of our products and the expertise of our staff. When you become part of the Dandy family, the credibility we’ve built over three decades extends to you and your business.

American Made, American Speed

We source all raw materials and parts from within the U.S. and do all our manufacturing in Ohio. Our American-only supply chain gives us full control over product quality and allows us to move fast. Even custom orders can be delivered in about a week.

Dandy Makes it Easy

Once a contractor tries Dandy, they’re a fan for life — which makes it easy to sell our products. Of course, you are never alone; we’ve always got your back. We can help you determine what you need and get it to you quickly, so you can build trust with your customers.

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