Dandy Inlet Guard™

Built-In Overflow Protection For Severe Rain

The Dandy Inlet Guard is a sturdy, above the grate stormwater filter made with a patented three-dimensional pyramid fabric. Its unique design offers built-in overflow protection against heavy rain and helps prevent pooling and flooding. Use it with flat grates (including round) and mountable curbs to filter out all sludgy sediment-laden stormwater. The suspended solids settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by the Inlet Guard prior to entering the inlet, ensuring ongoing compliance-level performance.

  • Built-in, protective overflow design prevents flooding, unlike other inlet filters
  • Attaches quickly to storm grates with elastic bands making installation easy
  • Delivers regulatory compliance and outstanding performance
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to flush or clean inlets
  • Reuse across multiple jobs; durable, high-tensile fabric is made to last


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Exceptional Performance, Built to Last

Dandy Inlet Guard is made of high-quality, domestically-sourced raw materials and features design innovations that enhance performance. Because it’s fabricated from a super-strong, bright orange monofilament geotextile and three-dimensional pyramid fabric, it’s highly visible in any type of weather. Inspectors like it because they can see that your drop inlet is securely protected without getting out of their car. You’ll like it because it can be reused, delivering optimal performance job after job.

Manufactured in America

Like all our products, Dandy Inlet Guard is made at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. We maintain high inventory levels so we can drop-ship it to you within 24 hours, no matter where you are in the country. If you need a custom size, we’ll fabricate it for you. Fast turns are standard operating procedure for us because we only use raw materials and parts sourced domestically and manufacture onsite. With our expansive distribution network, you get your products quickly.

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