Dandy Pop®

Prevents Sediment Infiltration While Protecting Field Grates

Dandy Pop® is an exciting innovation in storm drain and grate inlet protection. Made of high-quality materials that last, Dandy Pop fully encloses the field grate, eliminating sediment infiltration and
allowing the suspended solids to settle out of the slowed flow and be captured prior to entering the grate inlet. Once you use Dandy Pop, you’ll never go back to cumbersome silt fencing or other devices that fall over or have infiltration points. Plus, installing Dandy Pop is fast and easy: It simply pops up!

  • Superior patented design keeps silt, sediment and debris out of storm system
  • Safety-orange monofilament geotextile is highly visible to machine operators
  • Pops open in a matter of seconds
  • Unique dome design provides easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compatible with optional oil absorbents
  • Standard sizes to fit any grate inlet
  • Can be reused over and over again


If you have any questions about these specs, please contact us.

Built to Last, Performs Above Compliance

Dandy Pop is made of the highest quality, domestically sourced raw materials and contains design innovations that enhance performance and ensure regulatory compliance. Its geotextile in safety-orange is highly visible to machine operators, never fades and has a melting point of 322˚F. Because it’s built to last, you can use it over and over again without any decline in performance.

Made in the USA and Delivered Quickly

Like all our products, Dandy Pop is made at our manufacturing facility in Ohio, where we maintain high inventory levels so we can drop-ship for your receipt within 5 business days, no matter where you are in the country. If you need a custom size, we’ll make it for you and ship it within 5 days. Our supply chain is 100% domestic, we do our own manufacturing and have a massive distribution network — so you get your products remarkably fast.

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