Dandy Sack®

Most Reliable Drop Inlet Filter Available

The patented Dandy Sack® provides the best in storm grate filtration quality. The incredibly strong, open-top silt bag is specially designed to hang below the grate to expertly filter the thickest sediment-laden stormwater. The suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are conveniently captured by the Dandy Sack prior to entering the inlet, making the reliable Dandy Sack a stormwater must.

  • Super-easy installation; no rebar required
  • Internal straps add extra support and security on install and removal
  • Manageable two feet containment area
  • Made with highly visible orange monofilament geotextile
  • Available in three standard sizes to fit any variety of inlets
  • Compatible with optional oil absorbents
  • Compatible with patented curb-filtering technology (See Dandy Curb Sack®)
  • Competitively priced and reusable on jobs needing silt bags for catch basins


If you have any questions about these specs, please contact us.

Nonstop, Regulation-Compliant Performance

Dandy Sack is made of the highest-quality materials available and contains unique design features that enhance its performance. The safety orange monofilament geotextile always looks new, no matter how many times you reuse the product. The suspended solids settle out of the slowed flow and are reliably captured by the high-strength Dandy Sack prior to entering the inlet.

Made in USA by American Workers

Dandy Sack, like all of our products, is made at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. It’s always in stock and can typically be shipped in 24 hours. If you need a custom size, we’ll make it for you and ship it within 5 days for rapid receipt. Because we only use U.S. vendors, do our own manufacturing and have a large distribution network, you get your products quickly.

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