About Dandy Products

Sediment Control and Inlet Protection for All Stormwater Systems

In the construction industry, Dandy Products is recognized as a national authority on — and manufacturer of — sediment control and inlet protection products that work with all stormwater systems to get job sites EPA compliant.

We work behind the scenes to make you look like a compliance hero, such as:

Expert Guidance

We’ll review your specs and guide you to the right solutions, quickly.

Faster Delivery

Through our extensive distribution network, we strive to deliver products in five days or less.

Dependable Value

We keep our prices competitive, without sacrificing performance, ensuring you pass every inspection.

Company History

Dandy Products Inc. was founded in 1995, in Columbus, Ohio. With an eye on developing the most innovative line of inlet protection products available, the company grew quickly — and so did our list of patents.

In 2002, we formed a partnership with Mirafi Construction Products, a global leader in industrial fabrics. This gave Dandy a large, nationwide distribution network, allowing us to respond to the escalating need for erosion and sediment control products to meet increasing regulations.

Today, Dandy is a national thought-leader and top manufacturer of sediment control and inlet protection products for all stormwater systems. We set BMP standards and continue NPDES II compliance education in service to our customers.

It’s Great to Be Different

Our customers rely on us because they can count the ways we are different. From where and how we manufacture to the speed at which we respond and deliver, Dandy has turned customer service in the construction industry on its head — in a very good way.

Leadership with Integrity

Unlike many competitors, Dandy Products is led by industry leaders that focus solely on inlet protection for construction sites. The result? Innovative, dependable solutions and unmatched expertise that help keep job site inlets protected and compliant.

Protecting the Environment

At Dandy, protecting our planet is a top priority. Being in the construction industry, we do all we can to promote sustainability and help our customers comply with changing EPA regulations.

We are proud to endorse Dandy Products! They offer creative and intelligent ways to help continue the NPDES II compliance education. Why wouldn’t you endorse a company that clearly encourages BMPs for inlet protection
Ken Kinnard

Sales and Technical Service Manager at Bowman Construction Supply