Dandy Recycler™

Flat, Fillable Design Saves Shipping Costs

The Dandy Recycler is built with the toughest geotextile available. It’s delivered flat and filled locally with recycled rubber which reduces shipping costs. Similar to weighted wattles, Dandy Recycler is designed for use on curb and gutter inlets. Multiple units can be arranged end to end to increase surface protection for drop inlets, filtering out the most stubborn sediment-laden stormwater. Easy to install, this proprietary product delivers regulatory-compliant performance every time — with an economical advantage.

  • Available in various lengths from 3’ to 8’; place end to end for larger openings
  • Stitched interior seams reduce stress points when filled
  • Made from bright orange, durable geotextile
  • Flat, lightweight design reduces shipping costs
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to flush or clean inlets, saving time and money
  • Easy to install, maintain and inspect
  • Reusable, move it from one jobsite to the next


If you have any questions about these specs, please contact us.

Performance that Lasts

Dandy Recycler is made of high-quality, domestically-sourced raw materials and features design innovations that enhance performance. Because it’s fabricated from a super-strong, bright orange monofilament geotextile, it’s highly visible in any type of weather. Inspectors like it because they can see that your curb inlet is securely protected without getting out of their car. You’ll like it because it can be reused, delivering optimal performance job after job.

Manufactured in America

Like all our products, Dandy Recycler is made at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. We maintain high inventory levels so we can drop-ship it to you within 24 hours, no matter where you are in the country. If you need a custom size, we’ll fabricate a Dandy Recycler for you and ship within 5 days. Fast turns are standard operating procedure for us because we only use raw materials and parts sourced domestically and manufacture onsite. With our expansive distribution network, you get your products quickly.

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