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Unique Ways to Combat Stormwater Pollution

Soil absorbs stormwater, which is melted snow or rainwater, as it runs off of streets and lawns. Ultimately, it replenishes aquifers, or it ends up flowing into streams and rivers. However, in developed areas, it faces surfaces that prevent it from soaking into the ground and all of the water ends up in storm drains and sewer systems.

How to Combat Sediment & Erosion Threats

The effects of erosion and sedimentation can be awful. It can result in reduced stream capacity and flooding, as well as filling ecosystems with hazardous and dangerous materials. Suspended sediment can cause a decline in water quality, thanks to blocking sunlight, reducing photosynthesis capability, decreasing plant growth, destroying habitats, carrying pollutants, and many more.

Simple Ways to Reduce Erosion on Construction Sites

Among the main problems encountered during the cleanup of a construction site are filtering and sediment control issues. Construction projects produce twenty-two hundred tons per acres of erosion each year. It is an incredibly common concern for the construction industry, and it is important to know how to help prevent this event for the safety of the people around the construction site as well as the environment.

Improving Sediment Control via Inlet Filters

Inlet filters control the amount of sediment by trapping it. That is the purpose behind their existence. These are meant to be a temporary solution when the soil is disturbed. It is also used to keep soil out of storm drains when it rains. Protecting the drinking water used by cities is paramount and part of the reason as to why these filters exist in the first place. They work by keeping the silting from entering through the inlets, storms drains, and recovery channels. Check out a video of an inlet filter in action.

Sediment and Erosion Prevention Tips at Active Construction Sites

Sediment and erosion control is a significant part of construction site maintenance and inlet protection. Taking proper preventative measures to control the runoff and protect the surrounding environment. There are several lines of defense in sediment run off prevention and erosion control, each of which has its proper use and place. When prevention, collection and decontamination are used in conjunction with one another, they can be very effective in reducing or eliminating the effects of sedimentary run off, erosion and chemical contamination associated with an active construction site.

Things to Know About Construction Site Cleanup

Filtering and sediment control issues are among the problems encountered during the construction site cleanup. Are you also experiencing the same issues at your construction sites? Read on how you can resolve these problems.


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