Reasons to Consider Utilizing Curb Inlet Filters

Stormwater presents a greater risk to our way of life than you could ever imagine. It drags pollutants into our sewer systems and contaminates our waterways.

The Mastery of Curb Inlet Filters

The most important thing in managing stormwater is controlling the sediment, and the best way to prevent sediment from polluting our drainage systems is a curb inlet filter. This allows the water to flow as usual, but prevents all of the dredge from going with it, even in the heaviest of storm situations. It’s a permeable material, too, so the water is going to drain quickly and you’re not solving one problem by ending up with another, ie: your street isn’t going to pond or flood. It helps that they aren’t complicated so they are easy to install.

It’s bad enough that storms can put back a construction project, but returning to work to find a flooded site is something that no one wants to have to face. It may sound simple, but providing the water an escape without dragging the pollutants with it really does help prevent the flooding because it isn’t the water that’s causing a blockage to our drainage systems, it’s what its catching and taking with it. So luckily it’s not going to set your job back any more than it absolutely has to.

Beware of Certain Types of Curb Inlet Filters

Normal curb inlet products can present another set of issues, typically sandbags are used but as they are not small items they tend to get broken and broken sandbags present their own issues. Those issues can include causing front-end damage to passing cars, as well as alignment issues and as these are preventable you could be liable for these claims, when all you were trying to do was protect the environment! More serious issues, though, could be that a broken sandbag scatters and presents a life-threating impediment to speeding vehicles. Plus, once that sandbag bursts the drain is likely to end up full of sand which is the exact opposite of what you were aiming for in the first place.

It also adds further safety to your site because pooling water can cause more than just damage. Pooling water can increase the likelihood of an accident as workers try to trudge through and get on with it they end up tracking it everywhere and increasing the risks of slips, trips and falls.

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A curb inlet filter is ideal for a non-grated curb inlet, but there are plenty of other similar products if you don’t have a need for this one. Sacks, skimmers, pops and bags- if you have an inlet, hole, grate or whatever, chances are there is a product that you can get to cover it to prevent sediment, oil or other nastiness from sneaking n with stormwater.