Dandy Dewatering Bag®

Controls Sediment Discharge Where Water is Pumped

Dandy Dewatering Bag® takes control in dewatering bags to an all-new level. It’s designed to reliably control sediment discharge in dewatering applications where water is being pumped. When pumped water reaches the Dandy Dewatering Bag, the suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are fully captured — outperforming other dewatering sediment bags on the market. Dewatering has never been this easy, reliable and convenient.

  • Easily installs onto discharge hose
  • More convenient and easier to use than sediment traps or other alternatives
  • Delivers regulatory-compliance performance
  • Available with optional oil absorbents
  • Available in three standard sizes to fit any job perfectly
  • Beats other dewatering bags in price and performance


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Optimal Performance and Convenience

Dandy Dewatering Bag can be used on all dewatering applications and comes in three standard sizes. Designed and built to perform at optimal levels, it is the most convenient and effective dewatering bags on the market today. Once contractors try the Dewatering Bag, they don’t go back to lesser alternatives again.

Made in America By American Workers

Like all our proprietary products, Dandy Dewatering Bag, is made at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. We maintain high inventory levels so we can drop-ship it in 5 days for fast receipt, no matter where you are in the U.S. If you need a custom size, we’ll fabricate a Dewatering Bag for you and ship it within 5 days. Fast turnaround times are standard for us because we only use raw materials and parts sourced domestically, we manufacture onsite and have an expansive distribution network.

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