Dandy Skimmer®

Removes and Prevents Oil Contamination

Oil contamination in water at the job site can be a nightmare for the crew and a threat to the environment. Dandy Skimmer® eradicates the problem quickly and permanently. Its unique polymer absorbent inside the screen pillow bonds oil directly to the polymer matrix and solidifies without releasing any hydrocarbons. The Skimmer floats on the surface continuously, allowing long-term exposure to contaminated water for maximum absorption — beating other oil skimmers hands down.

Unique Product Benefits

  • Removes oil permanently, unlike other oil skimmers
  • Unique polymer absorbent bonds the oil to polymer matrix
  • Floats on the surface, continuously absorbing oils in the water
  • Long-term exposure to contaminants delivers maximum absorption
  • Will not create ponding or clogging due to sediment
  • Innovative, high quality and cost-effective
  • Compatible with many Dandy sediment control product


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Designed to Perform, Built to Last

Dandy Skimmer is made of the highest quality materials. Its uniquely designed screen pillow measures 22″ x 14″ x 2″ and is filled with a polymer absorbent that has not one, but two attached floatation devices. The oil absorbent material inside captures the oil permanently and turns it into a solid, making clean up easy.

Made in America, Shipped Fast

Like all our proprietary products, we make Dandy Skimmer at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. We maintain high inventory levels so we can drop-ship it to you within 5 days, no matter where you are in the country. This fast turnaround is possible because we only use U.S. suppliers and vendors and have a large distribution network. We can move fast so you can get it fast — even if it’s a custom-sized solution.

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