Dandy Dewatering to the NPDES Rescue! Contractors Turn To Products They Can Trust Again for Storm Water Management

Location: Murrieta, CA

The Problem

Contractors face a multitude of challenges when large rain events occur in Southern California. The winter of 2004-2005 created a need for stricter adherence to the NPDES Phase II regulations for storm water management. With local city and county agencies becoming more aggressive to achieve compliance, contractors looked to Dandy to help them solve their storm water management’s growing problems.

The Solution

The reason they decided on Dandy Storm Water Management Products was because it was a low-cost solution that gave them more bang for their buck. Money left over was used for extra materials, like more bags.

The Results

The Dandy Dewatering Bag delivered great results, high performance and excellent value. The contractors have been successful to date in complying with all local and state runoff regulations.