When Colorado Needed Long-Term Statewide Development for Improved Inlet Sediment Control, They Turned to Dandy

Location: Denver, CO

The Problem

With the new NPDES Storm Water Runoff regulations, the Colorado Department of Transportation needed to make sure they were up to code – an ongoing challenge in their 7-year reconstruction of Highway I-25. Inlet sediment control was a top priority.

The Solution

They turned to Southeast Corridor contractors (Kiewit) and Carter Burgess Engineering, who then turned to Dandy Products. We were picked for our superior filtering capabilities, the variety of product we carry, our bright colors (easy visibility), low cost and our ability to perform under construction loads.

The Results

Our inlet protection products have been installed throughout the project and have continued to be used and reused because they have been properly maintained by the contractors. This has saved Denver both time and money. Performance studies have been done on Dandy Products by the Colorado DOT and the positive results have led them to use more and more Dandy Products on construction projects throughout the state.